Picador Restaurant

A bar brimming with southern clichés, with its bright colours and Andalusian market aromas. From beyond, the sound of the knife falling rhythmically on the Spanish cheese board, corks popping free from their bottles… and a dark smile filling two wine glasses with intense red.

And in the background, as in a Velázquez painting, a door dancing back and forth to the sound of the patio guitar. Waiters flooding the tables in the dining room and the patio with ingenious inventions of flavours that we already imagine to be perfect.


Opening times

Every day from 6.00 p.m. to 12.00 a.m.

Picador Restaurant Mijas is open to residents and non-residents for dinner 7 days a week.
Advance booking is required.


chatter and the odd rowdy laugh from those who refuse to leave the table, and lunch and dinner come together amid beers and good wine…

It’s all like a dance without order but harmonious, warm, close, authentic… intentionally naughty and unashamedly showing itself as it is. This is the soul of Picador.

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