To heal is to return to the state of plenitude from which we have emerged.

Under this large dome is where a healing journey begins.
We sit down. We make ourselves comfortable. We taste the variety of teas…
Mood Spa is the place to understand what we feel, to reconnect, to find what we are missing… It doesn’t matter if we don’t know it yet, it’s all about listening to our body, closing our eyes, breathing, feeling…

We have created five different journeys for everyone to reach the place and state desired.

And depending on the path, choose between doing it in a traditional, innovative or holistic way. We have the option for everyone… Step inside and find out how you want to feel.

Opening times
From 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.


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    Indulge in the luxury of love and relaxation with our exclusive experience, which includes:

    • 50-minute massage
    • Hydrating facial mask
    • Access to the spa circuit
    • Toast with bubbles and chocolates, creating indulgent and love-filled memories.

    Let yourself be enveloped in this unique experience of well-being and affection.

    Price: €250 per couple

    *Redeemable during the month of February.

    There are different ways to heal, and we like to do it in company.

    Hand in hand with someone who helps us find our little pieces of “me” and put them back together. With our five paths and their bifurcations, with our guided exercises… always together, we get back to our centre. Let’s go together…

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