Breathing is everything. It always is. It was when we were born and it still is on this wooden platform… and everywhere else. Let’s breathe together. Let’s learn to do it right in our yoga classes. Let’s bring together the ethereal Mijas air, of the prana, with the physical that sustains us.

We take in air. We notice the muscles that are activated stretching and moving. The spine lengthens. We expand.We connect.

Today we feel gravity under the soles of our feet. Tomorrow we will feel gravity differently when we do the asanas hanging from the rafters of this great hall, and we feel ourselves floating among the Mijas vegetation that creeps up the walls.

Every day is an opportunity to improve, to grow, to learn.

In our large room and courtyard with fountains we carry out our Yoga classes in which we work in tune with ourselves with kindness and honesty. Being true to who we are, who we want to be and knowing that the way to get there is always by surrendering and embracing to the moment without judgement.
Today you will do much better than yesterday. Find out for yourself, we guarantee it, we know what we’re talking about…

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