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How to enjoy a spa day on the Costa del Sol

It’s fair to say that we could all benefit from a spa day. Visiting a spa is not only the best way to release stress and relax, but it also helps us to feel more confident, sleep better and release serotonin and dopamine for a better mood.

Between the outdoor life, the Mediterranean diet and the more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Costa del Sol has all the ingredients for a happy and healthy lifestyle, which makes it the ideal place to enjoy water as a method of relaxation in a luxury day spa.

Whether you are in need of unwinding or simply feel like treating yourself to a day of pampering, here are our tips on how to enjoy a day at the spa in Costa del Sol.

Choosing the perfect spa

To ensure a day of relaxing and unwinding, it’s essential to choose the right day spa. What should you be looking out for? We recommend checking the reputation, and the spa treatments on offer, making sure they are carried out by experts, as well as the spa facilities themselves.

Mood Spa, for instance, is a 2,000 m2 sanctuary in Mijas, Costa del Sol, which guarantees absolute tranquillity. Here, you can experience the path to relaxation both indoors and outdoors, surrounded by the views of the Mijas mountains while boosting your vitamin D levels in the unrivalled climate of the Costa del Sol.

How to make the most of your day at the spa

You have chosen the perfect luxury spa in Costa del Sol and now you would like to make sure that your day goes to plan. What could you do beforehand to set a good tone for the day? We recommend clearing your schedule. Although the use of mobile phones is not allowed in most day spas, after a long day of relaxing, the last thing you want is to be faced with missed calls, last-minute meetings or any other trigger that could dampen your mood.

Another recommendation is to have a light, healthy lunch and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Palmito restaurant in Mijas  offers a variety of recipes from one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, Mediterranean cuisine, so you can enjoy an organic salad or a fresh tartare on your break from the Costa del Sol spa. After all, a healthy balance between body and mind starts from within.

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Choosing the right companion

Spending a day at the spa alone is a great option for those who want to be at peace with their thoughts to reflect and unwind. However, a couple’s spa day or a day of relaxing with friends can also be a rewarding experience. The companions you choose to share your day with can make a big difference to the overall experience, so it is essential to choose someone who will enhance the journey.

Discovering the treatment that suits you best

Everyone relaxes in different ways and the same spa treatment may not suit everyone. Therefore, it is very important to consider what you are seeking and exactly what you would like to achieve through the treatment: do you want to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, radiant…? Once this is clear, choosing the perfect spa treatments will be much easier.

Mood Spa offers 5 different paths for everyone to reach their desired place and state of mind, and depending on the path, you can choose to do it the natural, holistic or contemporary way. Moreover, if in doubt, the personal therapists will help you choose between the most suitable Mood Spa treatments  and guide you on your sensory trip.

Take part in a guided class

Taking part in an activity on your day at the spa can make all the difference in your path to relaxation. A Yoga or Body Reconnect class is the perfect add-on to a spa day.  Since they are both of low intensity, they will help to reduce stress and encourage deep sleep to end the day calm, centered and happy.

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The full luxury spa experience

There are times when a day is not enough and one must continue their spa journey with a night of deep sleep in a place with no distractions.  If this is the case, La Zambra offers exclusive packages focused on inner balance. The “Relaxing Stay” package includes an invigorating private sports class or a relaxing yoga session, access to the Mood Spa circuit for 2 hours, a 90-minute treatment, plus a good night’s rest for 2 people and a delicious breakfast to end your stay.

Enjoy a perfect day at the spa and take some time to unwind, relax and find the balance you seek to face any challenges that may come your way as the best version of yourself. Visit our hotel with a luxury spa in Mijas  and enjoy those moments in which time stands still and the focus is on you.

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