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The iconic Byblos hotel: the past and the present in the village of Mijas

Extravagant, spontaneous and audacious are three words that have defined the iconic Byblos, a hotel in Costa del Sol that, in its more than 20 years of history, captured the attention and curiosity of people from all over the world. Today, despite its closing, the walls of the former Hotel Guadalpin Byblos remain filled with stories to be told and an undeniable sense of freedom that lives on through its new inhabitant, La Zambra Hotel.

Discover this iconic hotel’s history and the essence that manifests itself today through La Zambra in the village of Mijas.

The tranquillity and privacy of Mijas

Nestled in the mountains and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the village of Mijas is an echo of Andalusia’s traditional charm, characterised by narrow, flower-filled streets and a cluster of whitewashed houses perched on the mountainside. It was here, in this village tucked between the cities of Malaga and Marbella, that the Byblos Hotel saw a location of extreme privilege and the ideal place to ensure the tranquillity and privacy of its guests. As time went by, Costa del Sol witnessed how Byblos’ liberal and carefree philosophy blended seamlessly with the gentle pace of life and old-fashioned charm of this Andalusian village.

Byblos, a home for the A-list celebrities

Opened in 1984, the iconic Byblos Hotel quickly established itself as one of the most prestigious and sought-after destinations in Andalusia. The hotel exuded a distinct essence, having become a unique meeting place where the local and international community gathered to experience its magic.

It is no secret that the hotel soon became a hideaway for jet-setters and celebrities of the time, attracting a new kind of luxury tourism to the village of Mijas. For years, the Byblos Hotel welcomed Rock and Roll stars, renowned actors and even royalty in search of a place to experience the ultimate embodiment of luxury: freedom.

Drawn by its tranquillity and intimacy, the celebrities who found refuge in this hotel embraced it as the epitome of letting go, creating their own narratives and experiencing absolute freedom. And therein lies the beauty of this iconic property, a beauty that exists in all those untold stories one can only try to imagine.

byblos hotel in mijas original fountain

Byblos Hotel is now La Zambra

Thirteen years have passed since the iconic Byblos turned off its lights and closed its doors, sealing all its secrets within. However, 2022 saw the revival – under the name of La Zambra – of the 80s and 90s hedonistic icon. Now part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, this treasure hidden in the Andalusian landscape celebrates local culture, the contemporary and, above all, its heritage and roots.

  • • Maintaining signature elements of the former Byblos Hotel

    This authentic luxury retreat underwent a major renovation and now features warm, soft tones that create an intimate ambience while reflecting its Andalusian essence. A particular emphasis was placed on preserving the most characteristic elements of the iconic Byblos Hotel. To this day, we can still admire its distinctive white façade and blue turrets guarding the village of Mijas.

    La Zambra has not only succeeded in preserving the tangible, such as its hidden nooks, fountains and famous blue roof, but it has also known how to preserve what made the Byblos Hotel so special. And we only have to look at its name, which refers to a passionate flamenco dance that brought people together to set aside their worries and enjoy the moment. All while dancing barefoot, with their feet on the ground.

  • • A clear identity: The essence of Andalusia

    La Zambra has 197 elegant rooms , each with its own unique character, yet all sharing the same undeniable Andalusian flair. 2.000 square metres unfold in a Wellness area  and a luxury spa  that guarantees unparalleled relaxation and well-being, as well as tennis and paddle tennis courts  and direct access to world-class golf courses. La Zambra also features four gastronomic spaces in Mijas  for those who wish to share anecdotes and tapas in a restaurant brimming with southern clichés, savour the great classics of Mediterranean cuisine with international twists, or even make a toast with cocktails inspired by the personalities who once graced the former Hotel Byblos.

    There is no doubt that La Zambra exudes the freedom and fearlessness that was so appealing about the Byblos Hotel. The luxurious interiors that invite you to look beyond still echo the glamour of yesteryear, the eagerness to celebrate, both in privacy and in the open air, and the stories to be discovered and created.

    Discover the essence of Byblos Hotel’s legacy through La Zambra, a place to forget about the mundane tribulations of everyday life and allow oneself to let go.

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