Holy Week: A tradition not to be missed on the Costa del Sol

Holy Week is just around the corner, a time when the streets come to life with their processions, the air is filled with the scent of incense, and both cities and towns prepare to offer us a unique experience that deserves to be lived at least once in a lifetime.

What constitutes Holy Week?


Holy Week transcends mere festivity; it is an amalgamation of traditions, emotions, and cultural heritage. While celebrated worldwide, Holy Week assumes a particularly distinctive character in select locales, rendering it an unforgettable encounter for residents and visitors alike.


Andalusia: The epitome of tradition


Andalusia stands out as one such destination where Holy Week unfolds with an intensity and devotion that surpasses the commonplace, crafting indelible moments for those privileged to partake.

Here, each town and city offers a diverse array of experiences that showcase the history, culture, and profound spirit of Andalusia. Chief among these are the processions, characterized by their awe-inspiring floats and participants bedecked in iconic hoods, beckoning observers to delve into echoes of the past, entrenched devotion, and ancestral customs.




The processions of Málaga


The Andalusian capital undergoes a vibrant metamorphosis, with processions epitomizing the splendor and fervor of these festivities. Along its thoroughfares, the “trono bearers” march resolutely, bearing aloft their religious masterpieces. These floats assume the spotlight, crafting a poignant spectacle that draws throngs of tourists annually.

Beyond the processions, Malaga’s eateries proffer an array of traditional tapas during Lent. For connoisseurs seeking unique experiences, stalls lining the procession routes offer opportunities to savor lemons with salt—an idiosyncratic tradition infusing the Holy Week experience with flavor and authenticity.


Devotion permeates the atmosphere of Mijas


Conversely, the town of Mijas provides a more intimate yet equally poignant experience. The fragrance of incense assumes a central role in its Holy Week, imbuing the streets of this picturesque white village with the redolence characteristic of this time of year. Mijas’s Holy Week appeals to the senses, with processions accompanied by unparalleled vistas of the mountains and a reverent silence punctuated by the resonating cadence of drums and saetas.


Experience Holy Week authentically at La Zambra Resort




Exhibiting a profound commitment to authenticity and a profound respect for tradition, La Zambra Resort not only offers an exceptional sojourn on the Costa del Sol but also pledges an unparalleled immersion in the heart of Andalusian Holy Week. From the delectable flavor of pistachio torrija at our Picador restaurant—a reinvented classic Holy Week dessert—to a special Easter brunch fostering conviviality and celebration, every facet of our offering is meticulously crafted to intimately engage with local traditions and encapsulate the quintessence of Andalusia.

Live performances, encapsulating the passion and fervor of our locale, constitute the very essence of our festivities, furnishing visitors with a glimpse into the core of our cultural identity. Through the rhythmic cadence of flamenco, we proffer moments that transcend mere observation, evoking profound emotional resonance.


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The Holy Week of the Costa del Sol undeniably stands as an event deserving of at least one lifetime experience. With its evocative processions, culinary delights, and the geniality of its denizens, the Costa del Sol offers a spectacle replete with tradition, culture, and emotion. Immerse yourself in this quintessential experience at La Zambra Resort.


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