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Moments to be celebrated and retold

At the heart of a wedding, emotions swell and joy abounds, as love and life intertwine in a dance of celebration. It’s a tender reminder that amidst life’s beauty and splendor, our souls are alive to love deeply and be cherished in return. Join us at La Zambra, where every moment is imbued with the enchantment of true love.

elevate your event


Discover the perfect setting to culminate a day filled with emotion and irreplaceable moments. From the first dance to impromptu performances among friends, to singing at the top of your lungs, every moment becomes a celebration of life and shared love. End your day surrounded by your loved ones in a place steeped in the golden era of Marbella, where even the Rolling Stones once danced. Put the perfect finishing touch in the most special way possible.

Wedding venue

Picture yourselves saying ‘I do’ as the sun bathes your backs, painting a picture of romance and promise under the Andalusian sky. Before you, your loved ones gather in the luxurious yet relaxed ambiance of La Zambra, enveloped in an atmosphere of excitement and enchantment. It’s a moment like no other, where love intertwines with the golden history of this iconic venue, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Wedding package

To make it truly special, to make it uniquely yours. We’ve crafted an exclusive wedding package where you take center stage. This is your day, and from start to finish, we’re dedicated to ensuring every moment is unforgettable, allowing you to experience the day of your dreams.

  • One hour Welcome Cocktail
  • Four course dinner
  • La Zambra cellar selection
  • Two hours Essential open bar



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