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Having a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces, they are designed to host a variety of activities including meetings, conferences, team building events, retreats, and presentations of all kinds, in the prestigious location of the Costa del Sol. Our experienced team, with years of experience in the industry, is committed to ensuring success and excellence in every detail of your event.

Meeting rooms


Maximum capacity: 120
M2: 124 m2


Maximum capacity: 240
M2: 2352


Maximum capacity: 50
M2: 46,40 m2


Maximum capacity: 45
M2: 45,80 m2

Our spaces


Andalucía reflected in a restaurant. Picador captures the essence of our land, the passion of our culture, and timeless recipes. It’s the perfect blend of authentic tradition and innovative cuisine. To truly experience Andalucía, you must visit Picador. From the island bar offering show cooking to the iconic atmosphere adorned with traditional esparto grass decor, every detail invites you to immerse yourself in the spirit of our region.


Welcome to Palmito, where the essence of the Mediterranean envelops you in our charming whitewashed restaurant. The columns echo the beauty of the Palmito forest, while our alfresco terrace offers breathtaking views of the infinity pool and the rolling hills of Mijas-Marbella. Experience the most versatile and enchanting dining spot, perfect for any occasion.


Immerse yourself in the golden era of the 80s Jet-Set. Our venue, a favorite gathering spot for stars, inspires with its vintage decor and creates an irresistible spectacle as the sun sets. Enjoy a menu of exquisite dishes and cocktails inspired by unforgettable moments of the 80s, crafting an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your memory, like the perfect soundtrack to an unforgettable evening.


Dive into the tranquility of a day reminiscent of the “chiringuitos” of la Costa del Sol. Picture a landscape painted with azure and emerald hues, embraced by the shade of our trees providing respite from the relentless summer heat. Our cuisine, informal yet authentically Mediterranean, mirrors the laid-back ambiance of a beach day, infused with the pure essence of Andalusian style.


Step back into luxury with unparalleled class and style at the most iconic nightclub to ever grace the Costa del Sol. Sarao preserves its esteemed legacy, evoking memories of the highest echelons of society with exclusive private events that once welcomed the likes of the Rolling Stones. Sarao is the epitome of fun at the hotel, where guests can let loose and revel in the vibrant atmosphere.


Located on the iconic Costa del Sol, our spaces are the ideal setting to celebrate the passion for cars. From the beauty of our landscapes to the excitement of winding curves, every moment at La Zambra is designed to experience the thrill of automobiles. Join us and live the speed, luxury, and excitement to the fullest.

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