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The best beaches in Mijas Costa to extend summer feeling

In the heart of the Costa del Sol, beaches in Mijas stands as an unrivalled haven for those looking to enjoy the warm embrace of the sun throughout any season of the year.

Here, summer seems to be an eternal melody that never fades. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, this jewel of the Andalusian coastline invites you to explore its most spectacular beaches, where the fine sand caresses the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.

From the award-winning El Bombo Beach to the serene La Luna Beach, each location awakens with its own charm. Either for a quiet getaway or a more active seaside experience, the Mijas coastline offers a range of options to make the most of the essence of the Costa del Sol.

Discover the best beaches in and around Mijas Costa to extend that magical summer feeling.

Calahonda Beach: An Invitation to Relax


To the east of Mijas lies Calahonda Beach, a coastal enclave of golden sand with a seamless blend of developed areas and more unspoilt stretches of lush vegetation.

Here, you will find the perfect balance between natural beauty and convenient facilities such as nearby restaurants and beach bars.

This beach is an invitation for total relaxation, whether you are looking for a quiet afternoon in the sun or a stroll through nature, Calahonda offers you the best of both worlds in the Costa del Sol.


Calahonda beach


El Bombo Beach: A heavenly spot


Located in the Cala de Mijas area, near the Port of Cabopino, we find El Bombo Beach, awarded with the “Q” flag for tourist quality and the blue flag, granted to beaches of excellent quality.

Its moderate waves and clear waters make it the perfect place to enjoy a day in the sun or explore the marine flora and fauna with activities such as scuba diving.


Calaburras Lighthouse Beach: A Coastal Refuge


Immersed in the charm of the Mijas coast, Calaburras Lighthouse Beach reveals its beauty in a heavenly nook of grey sands and clear waters. This coastal retreat, often overlooked, is a real treasure.

The Calaburras Lighthouse offers a setting where natural beauty meets tranquillity, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle and lose themselves in the authenticity of the uncrowded nature of the Mijas coast.


Calaburras lighthouse


El Charcón Beach: A Haven of Peace 


On the eastern side of Mijas lies El Charcón Beach, a true seaside haven of tranquillity in a sparsely urbanised area.

Known for its characteristic mix of sand and rocks, this Mijas Costa beach is located in a special conservation area, part of the protected environment of Calahonda.

If you are looking for a peaceful retreat in which to connect with nature and leave the hustle and bustle behind, Playa del Charcón is an exceptional choice in Mijas.


el charcon beach


Butibamba Beach: Excellence on the Seafront


Butibamba Beach is a coastal treasure, awarded the prestigious blue flag in recognition of its excellent quality.

Located along the promenade of Cala de Mijas, its golden sand and calm water create a perfect setting for relaxing in the sun. Its easy access and abundance of services in the surrounding area, from restaurants to exciting water activities, make this beach even more attractive to visitors and locals alike.


la cala beach


La Luna Beach: A Hidden Treasure 


La Luna Beach is one of the most peaceful beaches in this charming region. Located west of Mijas, away from the bustle, this beach is a true well-kept treasure.

A short tunnel must be crossed to reach this coastal jewel that stands out due to its green areas and fine sand stretching along its shore. The real reward is the tranquillity it radiates, inviting us to relax to the fullest, disconnect and enjoy its natural beauty.


Artola Beach: A Natural Refuge in Marbella


For those who wish to explore the surrounding area of Mijas, in the town of Cabopino in Marbella, lies Artola Beach, a natural haven of unparalleled beauty in the Costa del Sol.

This beach is a testament to the harmony between man and nature, with a picturesque path winding through dunes and vegetation, and its commitment to the preservation of the environment, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in natural beauty in its purest form.


dunas de artola


Enjoy the beaches of Mijas from La Zambra


After exploring the beauty of the best beaches of Mijas Costa, we invite you to go further afield and experience the full charm of the Costa del Sol.

Located just a short distance from these natural gems, between Malaga and Marbella, La Zambra Resort is a luxury getaway where the limits of relaxation and fun are blurred.

As well as enjoying the beaches of Mijas Costa, here you can live the ultimate Andalusian Mediterranean experience, celebrating the roots of the past and immersing yourself in the slow-paced lifestyle.

Whether you are seeking total relaxation or a little adventure, La Zambra is the perfect starting point from which to continue enjoying all that the Costa del Sol has to offer.





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